Circle R Products Agro Supply is dedicated to Farming Fourward Thinking, a system built around the Four R’s of Agricultural Sustainability. We’re helping you understand, apply and benefit from the reciprocal effects of Agricultural Sustainability, to ensure you will have strong and healthy soil for generations to come.


The Right Source begins with choosing the best fertilizers or natural organic nutrient sources specific to your crops.

Ask your Circle R Agronomist for your optimal mix of essential nutrients from top quality commercial fertilizers and organic bio-solids such as manure or other on-farm sources.


The Right Rate of application makes a huge difference once harvest time comes. Over or under application can have an adverse effect on the performance of your fields.

Draw from the experience and available technologies of your Circle R Agronomist to ensure the best application rates for your soil. This involves testing your crops and soil, budgeting application quantities, and following the plans and goals for your soil application.


Timing is everything, and the Right Time for nutrient application Can make or break your crop’s success.

Trust your Circle R Agronomist to assist you with developing the perfect schedule for nutrient application. Stay on schedule for when to apply top quality commercial fertilizers for controlled nutrient release, for when to target crop sensitivity to specific nutrient losses, and when to utilize split applications for optimal crop nutrient uptake.


The Right Place centers on understanding the specific locations and dynamics of your field to guarantee top crop performance.

Contact your Circle R Agronomist for strategies, methods, and technologies to understand and optimize every part of your field. This involves understanding drainage management to limit nutrient losses, positioning and adjusting the application of top quality commercial fertilizers in optimal zones, and following soil sustainability best practices.

What you put into your soil
is what you get out.

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