Inverter Welding Machine 130A/160A UTW21606


Additional information

Additional information


Voltage (V): 75
IGBT Inverter technology
Frequency (HZ): 50 / 60Hz
Current Max. Outlet (A): 160
Inverter MMA Welding Machine
Input Voltage 110-120 / 220-240
Electrode Diameter (mm): 1.6-4.0
Duty Cycle (%): 110-120V 130A @ 40%
Duty Cycle (%): 220-240V 160A @ 40%
Output Current: (A) 110-120V 10-130A
Output Current: (A) 220-240V 10-160A


1pc Wire Brush
1pc Extension Cable
1pc Protective Mask
1pc Earth Clamp with cable
1pc Electrode Holder with cable