Welder MAG/MIG/NMA/TIG (220V) TMGT1601


Portable, Fan Cooling
Advanced Control Technology
Excellent Bow Characteristics & High Efficiency
Automatic Overprotection Against Overvoltages & Overvoltages

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Additional information

Additional information


LCD Screen
Weight: 10 Kg
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Built-in Cable Feeder
Loadless Voltage: 80V
With Wire Tweezers 1pc
Wire Speed (m / min): 2-11
Powered By 5Kg Wire Spool
Input Voltage: 1 ~ 220-240V
Working Cycle: 30% @ 40% ℃
MMA Output Current: 10-160A
Welding Wire Size: 0,6,0,8,1,0mm
With 1 Ground Clamp with Cable
With 1pc Wire Brush and 1pc Mask
TIG Output Current Increase: 10-160A
Output Current MAG / MIG (A): 30-160
With Electrode Tweezers 1pc with Cable
MMA Electrode Diameter (mm): 1.6 – 4.0
Inverter Welding Machine MAG/ MIG/ MMA/ TIG