Yara Vera Amidas


YaraVera™ Amidas provides available N and Sat a 7:1 ratio, in a homogeneous granule which is optimal for grain and oilseed. Nitrification of the ammonium N in the homogeneous particle containing urea and ammonium sulfate acidifies the fertilizer microsite and reduces ammonia volatilization. Studies indicate a 34% reduction of N loss even on high pH soils. Physical blends of urea and ammoni­um sulfate do not have this property.

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Prilled NPK fertilizer

Sulfur (S) 5.6%

Sulfur and nitrogen: two key nutrients

Both nitrogen and sulfur form plant proteins, enzymes and vitamins, which regulate nearly all processes in the plant: photosynthesis and synthesis of sugar.

Need for Sulfur

Grain and oilseed crops require sulfur. Amldas™ provides readily available sulfate-sulfur to meet optimal crop production needs.

Benefits of Calcinit

  • Is a high quality granular fertilizer containing nitrogen and sulfur.
  • The nitrogen supplied is in the urea and ammonium forms. Readily available sulfur is from sulfate.
  • Is a free flowing granular fertilizer which can be handled in bulk as well as in bags.


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