Robotic Vacuum Cleaner TVCRG30261


Only for dry cleaning
Troubleshooting sounds
Brushless motor (long life)
Edge function for wall cleaning
Automatic activation and deactivation
With drop detection sensors (Does not fall on stairs)
It rises to a height of 2cm, for example on a carpet or a book
Ideal for wooden floors, tiles, marble, carpet, & under furniture/beds

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Additional information

Additional information


Weight: 3.00 kg
Noise Intensity: 65db
Dimensions: Φ-300 X 75mm
Operating Time: 50-70 min
Suction Power: 700-1000 Pa
Container Capacity: 0.45 Lit
Floor Type: All hard floors, carpets, rugs
Charger Base: 3-5 hours (w/ automatic recharging)


1pc HEPA filter
4pcs Side brushes
1pc Cleaning brush
1pc Remote control